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The producer has been involved in numerous projects across film, TV, game, commercial, experimental art, and pop music, completing hundreds of musical compositions, arrangements, performances, sound designs, and post-production works. His portfolio spans a highly diverse range of musical genres.


MUSIC PRODUCTION is at the core of Black Mud Studio's service. We accurately capture ideas and concepts and transform them into unique and magnificent works, precisely representing the soul and essence of the project while infusing it with new life and meaning. Whether you need a glam rock anthem or a epic orchestral composition, we can create the most satisfying musical pieces for you.

SOUND DESIGN encompasses not only creative aspects but also technical support. An exceptional sound design can create a more realistic and captivating environment, providing stunning experiences that allow the audience to better understand the creator's vision. We are familiar with sound characteristics and requirements for different artistic styles, utilizing various sampling techniques and software to craft an engaging world that aligns with the narrative and scene demands.

AUDIO ENGINEERING is a critical step in ensuring the integrity of a production. We utilize cutting-edge technology to craft the most flawless sound for your project. Whether it's sound restoration, mixing, or mastering, we provide the highest quality engineering services. We offer options for analog hardware processing to add warmth, richness to our works, making it more vibrant and vivid. We also collaborate with Taipei's finest engineers and recording studios, ensuring that we deliver the best production experience.

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