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  • How to price music production?
    Pricing is often determined by two factors: licensing method and production approach. For custom music, the most commonly used licensing method we employ is exclusive licensing. It is the easiest and most effective way to create a unique presence for the project. Based on the client's requirements, we provide licensing recommendations and collaboration options, taking into account different licensing levels as a pricing reference. In addition to the music composition itself, the production approach is also a factor to consider. For example, the budget will increase with a higher proportion of live recordings by musicians and associated costs, but it will significantly decrease if virtual instruments are used.
  • How to price sound design?
    When evaluating, there are several important aspects to consider: complexity, interactive format, and subsequent tasks. Creating intricate sound design requires a lot of effort. From individual elements to crafting a convincing atmosphere, designing something complex and artistic takes a considerable amount of time. In regular visual media, the production process is relatively straightforward due to a clear timeline. So the primary goal is to ensure seamless integration with other elements, such as visuals or background music. However, for certain interactive formats like games, in more complex situations, collaboration and feedback from middlewares and relevant technical personnel may be necessary. Hence, apart from the creation itself, the subsequent tasks also require careful consideration.
  • How to price audio engineering?
    Coming soon.
  • Production process and delivery date.
    Typically, before undertaking a project, we would have a meeting with the client based on their initial inquiry to fully understand their needs. After a comprehensive understanding of the situation, we would provide a quote and licensing method to the client. In general, the production period for small-scale projects is buffered within two to four weeks. For more complex productions, it is necessary to assess the project's specifics in order to make a better judgment and ensure optimal coordination.

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